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Science Communication
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Large Class Redesign
office: Torrey Life Sciences, Room 167
twitter: @reddenjm

John is an Associate Professor in Residence in the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology. In the laboratory, his research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure. His classroom based research focuses on how to create and assess student centered classrooms. He teaches courses in Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Communicating Science to the Public.  Through his teaching, he pursues his other passions – improving science literacy among the general public, and building inclusive STEM classrooms. He’s a first generation student with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology (SUNY Buffalo), and PhD in Biomedical Science (UConn Health). He currently serves as an assistant director of faculty development programs in the University of Connecticut CETL, and an education mentor for the National Institute on Scientific Teaching (NIST, formerly the HHMI/National Academies Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching).

John is originally from Buffalo, New York, the land of chicken wings, always winter, and good neighbors You can follow him on twitter @reddenjm for hot takes about about science, higher-ed, sci-fi, and diversity issues.